About Engineered Fall Protection (EFP)

Engineered Fall Protection is your turnkey solution provider for your safety applications.

Our company is backed with over 30 years of safety and material handling experience, bringing customers solutions in repetitive lifting applications, precise product placement, and awkward load handling.

We combine the best off-the-shelf safety and work station equipment with custom designed and engineered safety devices and special equipment solutions to create optimum cost effective improvements for your most demanding projects.

We specialize in various types of Fall Arrest Systems, Lifeline Systems | Horizontal and Vertical, Safety Guardrail Systems, Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses, Self-retracting lifelines (SRL) and Safety Lanyards, and Industrial Safety Products. Our safety products and solutions will give your employees a level of safety protection they deserve with safety equipment and safety supplies that are comfortable, stylish, and effective.

If you would like EFP to help you with one of your applications please call us at 314-492-4422 or e-mail us at sales@engineeredfallprotection.com.

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