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Fall Protection for Trucks

Safety products and solutions for the transportation industry.


Truck and Trailer Fall Protection

Safety in the trucking industry safety doesn't just pertain to what happens out on the road. Loading and unloading the tanks and trailers that they transport also poses a safety risk, particularly involving falls. So having a fall protection system in place is imperative to keeping employees safe and preventing potential injuries.

EFP provides both permanent and portable Truck and Trailer Fall Protection Solutions that allow safe access to trucks and prevent falls. These are designed to increase safety and productivity for daily tasks, maintenance work, and loading/unloading applications.

Engineered Fall Protection works with you to engineer, develop, and install custom safety solutions fit specifically to your application. Check out some of what we offer for Truck Fall Protection below.

Overhead Lifeline Systems

An overhead horizontal lifeline system is one of the safest and most reliable fall arrest solutions you can administer at your facility. And in the transportation industry, a rigid lifeline is going to be the preferred type.

Rigid rail lifelines feature a track that enables a trolley and the attached self-retracting lifeline (or another connector) to easily follow the worker. This maintains a vertical plane above the worker and decreases the free fall distance in the event of a fall, regardless of the user's position or the type of truck or trailer they're on.

EFP is a major distributor of Gorbel Tether Track Rigid Lifelines. These overhead monorail lifelines can be implemented in a variety of configurations, including: Free Standing, Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted, and more. Learn more about these different options below.

Gorbel tether track free standing overhead monorail lifeline fall protection system set up outside.
Free Standing Monorail Fall Protection

Ideal for protecting workers maintaining, inspecting, or loading/unloading railcars, tankers, or flatbed trucks.

Workers on top of a semi-trailer while using tether track ceiling mounted fall protection.
Ceiling Mounted Horizontal Lifeline

Compact, low-profile design provides fall protection without headroom concerns.

Ceiling mounted overhead monorail fall protection system for transportation and logistics company.
Rigid Lifeline Monorail for Tanker Trucks

EFP installation examples of overhead tanker truck fall protection systems.

Platform Systems

Truck loading platforms and loading racks offer a convenient solution for meeting many of the transportation industry's needs. They provide safe and efficient access to the tops of tanker trucks, trailers, and railcars.

Engineered Fall Protection provides both permanent and portable truck loading platforms with various integration and access options including: self-leveling stair gangways, telescoping gangways, flat ramps, and custom-designed safety cages. And if you can't find a vehicle access platform suited for your application, we'll work with you to engineer a custom solution.

Check out some of our truck platform systems below. Or visit our Safety Platforms page to see more options.

Truck loading access platform over tanker truck.
Truck Loading Platform

Heavy-duty modular structural steel platforms and racks designed and built for your requirements.

Portable access platform for use with trucks and trailers.
Portable Truck Access Platform

Platforms feature swivel casters for easy portability. Ideal where permanent platforms cannot be installed.

Truck platform with drop gangway for workers to access the top of trucks and trailers during loading and unloading.
Truck Access Platform

EFP installation of a custom access platform with rigid fall protection for a fertilizer plant.

Temporary Fall Protection

Temporary fall protection for trucks is helpful when it's difficult to install a permanent overhead system. This can be the case in outdoor situations or when your work isn't confined to a certain area. EFP offers a few solutions for these types of applications.

The Flexiguard mobile frame systems feature tether track rails that, when combined with a trolley and connector, create a horizontal overhead fall arrest system. They are available in different styles including: A-Frame, C-Frame, and Box Frame Style. And can be engineered for an adjustable or fixed height.

Another solution is a mobile anchors. These self-contained systems feature an adjustable mast with jib arms that provide overhead anchorage for workers wherever needed. They are easy to set up and take down and can be towed to different locations and job sites.

Check out some of these options below. Or visit our Portable Fall Protection Systems to see more options.

Flexiguard mobile box frame positioned over vehicle to allow to keep workers safe as they perform tasks.
Flexiguard Mobile Fall Arrest System

Lightweight frame and swivel wheels allow the system to easily be transported and positioned wherever it is needed.

Malta X1240 Grabber Mobile Fall Protection outdoors with hydraulic jacks.
Malta Dynamics Mobile Anchor

Offers several models with an adjustable mast and several overhead anchor points. Road-towable and rated for towing at posted highway speeds.

Self-contained hydraulic system with a remote control that controls driving, setup, and anchor height adjusting.
Exosphere Anchor System

Self-contained hydraulic system with a remote control that controls driving, setup, and anchor height adjusting.

Truck Netting Systems

Although flatbed trucks are not as tall as tanker trucks or other trucks in the transportation industry, they are still typically over 4 feet high, which warrants the use of fall protection in order to meet OSHA fall protection requirements. One solution you can implement for these applications is a truck netting system.

These passive fall protection netting systems are OSHA-compliant and require no training or other equipment to use. And installation is easy, as the ends of the net attach to the pocket fitting of the flatbed truck trailer, creating a barrier that prevents workers from falling off the side of the truck.

EFP can work with you to develop custom fall protection for working on flatbed trailers. Check out this Truck Netting System that we installed for a steel supply company.

Engineered Fall Protection (EFP) provides standard and custom truck and trailer fall protection systems. We serve clients across the United States, Canada, and Mexico and are especially focused in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

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