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Portable/Temporary Guardrail Systems

Ideal for roofs, walkways, and hatches.


Portable Guardrails / Permanent and Temporary Guardrail Systems

These fall protection guardrail systems are an OSHA compliant fall hazard protection barrier. The system requires no training or special maintenance or gear, making it ideal for temporary construction guardrails and for protecting against temporary fall hazards. Engineered Fall Protection provides solutions for any of your rooftop handrail or roof safety rail needs.

Guardian G-Rail - Portable Guardrail System

Model No. Description Weight
- Build Your Own Portable G-Rail System, Powder Coated Steel -
- Build Your Own Portable G-Rail System, Galvanized Steel -
15178 G-Rail Multi-Directional Base Plate (Powder Coated) 92 lbs.
15183 G-Rail 6 ft. Safety Guardrail (Powder Coated) 27 lbs.
15182 G-Rail 8 ft. Safety Guardrail (Powder Coated) 30 lbs.
15181 G-Rail 10 ft. Safety Guardrail (Powder Coated) 33 lbs.
15202 G-Rail 12 ft. Safety Guardrail (Powder Coated) 34.2 lbs.
15180 G-Rail Galvanized Base Plate 72 lbs.
15183-GALV G-Rail 6 ft. Galvanized Guardrail 27 lbs.
15182-GALV G-Rail 8 ft. Galvanized Guardrail 30 lbs.
15181-GALV G-Rail 10 ft. Galvanized Guardrail 33 lbs.
15184 G-Rail Short Toe-Board Attachment 1.5 lbs.
15185 G-Rail Long Toe-Board Attachment 2.9 lbs.

Portable Guard Rails Provide Jobsite Flexibility and Versatility

This system can be used in rooftop and ground-level applications. Whether you are setting up the guardrail around a roof opening or closing off a wall opening, the unlimited configurations offered by the system will easily accommodate your needs. Ideal for use with floor hatchways or chutes, leading edges, skylights, truck or rail docks, floor or wall openings, pits, shafts, manholes, and more, the system readily adapts to all applications.

Properly installed guardrails are often called passive fall protection. Passive fall protection does not require action from the operator to be effective. Nor does it require any special training or equipment to be worn by the operator. In cases where the fall hazard cannot be engineered out, passive fall protection is the preferred method of keeping operators safe.

Portable guardrails are ideal for protecting workers from potential falls into open roof hatches. 3M/DBI-SALA's portable guardrail roof hatch kit comes complete with splice kits to allow the rail sections to be custom fit to the length needed for your specific roof hatch. The included swing gate allows quick access to a hatch while still providing strong fall protection when not in use. Once the bases are located in the proper position, insert the guardrail sections into the base plate's fitting and torque the set screws. This quick and easy set-screw design offers added stability and no wobble in the installed barrier. Features include:

  • Compact, lightweight free-standing design does not require engineered anchor points or attachment to the surface.
  • Built-in rail and toe board receptacles allow for infinite configurations.
  • Steel bases have a rubber pad to protect the roof surface and provide skid resistance.
  • Ergonomic handles on the steel bases allow for easy transportation and set-up.
  • Fast and easy set-screw installation, insert rail, and tighten.
  • Galvanized steel base and powder-coated rails prevent corrosion for extended product life.
  • Various guardrail section lengths and individual components are available.

Permanent Roof Guardrail Systems

The Guardian Fall Protection Guardrail Knuckle is compatible with all Guardian Fall Protection G-Rails and is the perfect base attachment solution for permanent roof guardrail systems. The Guardrail Knuckle is manufactured from galvanized steel and installs easily with two lag bolts, and can be used on a variety of substrates (wood, metal, and concrete). When used in conjunction with the compatible guardrail, the Guardrail Knuckle will last a lifetime.

Guardian Knuckle Permanent Roof Guardrail Systems

Portable/Temporary Guardrail Documents

Engineered Fall Protection is a distributor of Guardian portable guard rails. We serve clients from coast to coast, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and are especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

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