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Roof Ladder Systems

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Vertical Fixed Access Roof Ladder Systems

When regular maintenance is needed for accessing roofs, walkways, mezzanines and equipment OSHA compliant systems are required. Engineered Fall Protection can design and install customized ladders to suit most any application. Roof access systems may involve walkthrough rails, over parapet platforms, and safety gates. We can work directly with you to develop solutions for your work access needs.

Fixed Access Ladder OSHA Requirements:

When it comes to choosing a fixed ladder or inspecting your existing fixed ladder(s) you should understand the OSHA requirements. Engineered Fall Protections inspectors have visited many facilities to assist in evaluating OSHA compliance and providing solutions when needed. When evaluating the ladders in your facility you can check yourself on OSHA complaints by referencing the following rules:

  • 24 Foot Rule: Any fixed ladder 24 feet or higher installed after November 19, 2018 must have a ladder safety system to be OSHA compliant, safety cages are no longer acceptable. Ladders higher than 24 feet with safety cages installed before 11/19/2018 will still be compliant until 11/19/2036. After 11/19/2036 those ladders will need to have a ladder safety system in place.
  • 7 Inch Rule: OSHA 1910.23(b)(2) states the minimum perpendicular distance from the centerline of the steps or rungs, or grab bars, or both, to the nearest permanent object in back of the ladder is 7 inches. To put this simply the center of the rung must be no closer than 7 inches from the wall the ladder is mounted to including other obstructions.
  • 16 Inch Rule: OSHA 1910.23(b)(4) states Ladder rungs, steps, and cleats have a minimum clear width of 16 inches for fixed ladders.
  • 10-14 inch Rule: OSHA 1910.23(b)(2) states ladder rungs, steps, and cleats are spaced not less than 10 inches and not more than 14 inches apart, as measured between the centerlines of the rungs, cleats and steps. The steps also need to be consistently spaced for the entire length of the ladder.
  • 42 Inch Rule: OSHA 1910.23(d)(4) states the side rails of through or sidestep ladders extend at least 42 inches (1.1m) above the top of the access level or landing platform served by the ladder.
  • 24 Inch Rule: OSHA 1910.23(d)(5) states for through ladders, the steps or rungs are omitted from the extensions, and the side rails are flared to provide not less than 24 inches and not more than 30 inches of clearance. When the ladder safety system is provided, the maximum clearance between side rails of the extension must not exceed 36 inches.

Roof Access Ladder Specifications

  • Solid Bar Rungs
  • Perforated Rungs
  • Composite Rung Covers
  • Rest Platforms
  • Parapet Crossover
  • Custom standoff brackets
  • Powder Coat or Galvanized finish
  • Walk-Through Rails
  • Safety Gates

Ladder System Documents

Engineered Fall Protection is a manufacturer and distributor for fixed access ladder systems serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

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