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Confined Space Rescue Equipment

OSHA compliant, designed to AISC specifications.


Confined Space Rescue Equipment - Davit Arms and Tripod Winch Systems

OSHA defines confined spaces as workplaces that are not necessarily designed for people, but they are large enough for workers to enter and perform certain jobs. They are not designed for continuous occupancy and have limited or restricted means for entry or exit.

Entry equipment needs are present in many different industries and the workspaces may include, but are not limited to:

  • tanks
  • vessels
  • silos
  • storage bins
  • hoppers
  • vaults
  • manholes
  • tunnels
  • equipment housings
  • ductwork
  • pipelines, etc.

In these situations, your equipment must operate quickly and efficiently and meet OSHA confined space retrieval system requirements.

The three main elements required to ensure the safety of you and your crew when working in a confined space are: tripods (or other access equipment), harnesses, and winches. Here are some things that you will want to look for in a retrieval system:

  • Ease of Use
  • Mechanical Systems (lifeline types and length and other options)
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Strength
  • Portability

Harnesses, tripods and other access equipment, and a winch are the three main elements required to assure the safety of you and your crew when working in limited space.

Confined Space Tripod and Winch

Confined space rescue tripods are portable and easy to use. They can be easily transported from one location to another and can be set up by one worker. It is essential that equipment operate perfectly and quickly. Attach your fall protection equipment such as a winch or 3-way self-retracting lifeline (SRL) and you're ready to go. EFP offers several solutions for your needs.

DBI-SALA also has an extensive line of rescue and retrieval equipment and systems with decades of proven field service. These aluminum tripods are extremely lightweight and portable and ideal for entry and rescue applications.. They can accommodate a variety of winches and fall arrest devices. Winches use mechanical advantage to solve the problem of lifting a person out of a confined space. With a winch you know that you have a rescue device ready and that lifting a person out of the space just got a whole lot easier.

The 9 ft. (2.7 m) aluminum tripod from DBI-SALA offers the following features:

  • 9 ft. (2.7 m) aluminum tripod
  • Telescoping adjustable locking legs
  • Built-in pulley system
  • Rubber safety shoes with spiked edges
  • Safety leg support chain
  • 22 kN eyebolt anchor points
  • Quick connect winch/SRL mount bracket
  • Equipped with i-Safe™
  • Order mechanical winch/SRL device(s) separately

DBI-SALA's rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most. Their mechanical systems have decades of proven field service and have operated flawlessly in some of the most demanding jobsites around the globe. The DBI SALA winch mechanical device is one of the most critical parts of the rescue system providing the means to retrieve an incapacitated worker to safety.

The Salalift II Winch helps to provide the means to retrieve a worker to safety. This can be used as a rescue tripod winch or davit winch. Features of the Salalift 2 are:

  • Manually operated winch
  • 90 ft. (27 m) of 3/16' (5mm) galvanized steel wire rope
  • 6:1 gear ratio mechanical advantage
  • Quick mount bracket
  • Free-wheel mode
  • Built-in fall protection
  • Overload clutch
  • Durable corrosion resistant construction
  • Level wind system
  • Reserve lifeline retention system
  • Swiveling snap hook with impact indicator
  • Equipped with i-Safe
  • Order tripod or davit rescue system separately

Davit Arm Hoist and Guard Systems

Davit arm systems are designed for manhole and entry/retrieval applications. These units are constructed of lightweight materials including high strength aluminum. The davit arm pivots for ease of rescue and has adjustment for overhead clearance restrictions. The lower base adjusts to fit most standard entries. Many other portable and fixed bases are available to suit any jobsite need. If additional height is required, check out the lower mast extensions.

Features of a DBI-SALA 5-Piece Davit Hoist System include:

  • Integrated 5,000 lb. mast anchorage point
  • Fall arrest rated in all davit offset mast positions
  • Adjustable offset upper davit mast (model 8518001)
  • Built-in primary and secondary pulleys
  • Adjustable vertical height of 33 in. to 43 in. (83.8 to 109.2 cm)
  • Detent and knob style adjustment
  • 83.8 cm lower davit mast extension (model 8518002)
  • Combine up to 2 extensions
  • Extends your davit mast height
  • Combine up to 2 extensions
  • Base width adjusts from 94 to 162.6cm
  • 3-piece adjustable portable base (model 8518005)
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • Unique foot level and height adjustment system

The DBI-SALA 4 in 1 Davit Guard System provides a basic hoist and a passive restraint guardrail system protecting companion workers and bystanders. As it keeps the opening secure it also offers ample room for worker entry and maneuvering. The basic hoist is the most efficient and economical entry/retrieval alternative to a tripod. This lightweight aluminum structure assembles and adjusts without tools and features a collapsible base to reduce storage and transport space. All hardware is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Features include:

  • Integrated 5,000 lb. mast anchorage point
  • Fall arrest rated in all davit offset mast positions
  • Built-in pulley for lifeline
  • Quick mount winch/SRL bracket
  • Built-in secondary fall arrest anchor point
  • Lightweight folding base and guardrail
  • Unique foot level and height adjustment system
  • Set-up and dismantle without tools
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • Built-in guardrail system with hinged gate
  • Telescoping upper davit mast

Along with high quality durable rescue equipment, EFP provides custom solutions for confined space entry equipment to meet a variety of safety needs for spaces of different sizes, shapes and locations.

Confined Space Harness and Lanyards

These harnesses have been designed specifically with confined spaces and rescue in mind. Engineered to perform and built to last, they are comfortable, lightweight, functional and durable. The 2 shoulder D-rings have been placed to make it easier for rescue or removal of a person with the help of a tripod and winch. Pay close attention to the harness material, connection points and sizing and certifications. The DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Vest-Style Retrieval Harness provides hybrid shoulder, back and leg comfort padding, Tech-Lite aluminum back and shoulder D-rings and Duo-Lok quick connect chest and leg straps.

The Vest-Style harnesses are the most universal and used in a wide variety of industries.

The Crossover Style harnesses also makes a great choice for a rescue harness with their front-mounted D-ring.

The DBI-SALA Rescue/Retrieval Y-Lanyard with Spreader Bar will keep a victim upright during a rescue. It is also abrasion resistant with a built-in spreader bar.

Other features include:

  • 4 ft. rescue / retrieval Y-Lanyard
  • Polyester webbing
  • User friendly self-locking snap hooks
  • High strength D-ring tie-off point

Shop our wide selection of full-body safety harnesses!

Confined Space and Rescue Literature

Engineered Fall Protection (EFP) provides confined space rescue equipment serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

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