Fall Protection Videos

Rigid Monorail Aircraft Fall Arrest System

Designed to allow personnel a safe way to access the aircraft tail and upper fuselage structures to perform regularly scheduled maintenance.


How to Use the DBI-SALA Lad-Saf Vertical Lifeline System

How to use, the DBI-SALA Lad-Saf vertical lifeline fall arrest system.

EZ-Line Temporary HLL System

See how quick and easy it is to setup and install a temporary horizontal lifeline system.

3M | DBI-SALA Confined Space Davit Arm

Learn how to use 3M | DBI-SALA Confined Space Davit Arm.


Cable Horizontal Lifeline System

We installed this HLL system for tanker truck maintenance.

How to Inspect a Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL)

How to inspect a self retracting lifeline fall protection system.

How to Inspect a Safety Lanyard

How to inspect a safety lanyard.


Gorbel Rigid Lifeline Swing Arm Fall Protection

Overview of a swing-arm rigid fall arrest system setup, configured and installed by Engineered Fall Protection (EFP).

Custom Fall Protection for Railcars

Our team configured, designed, installed, and tested this custom rigid fall protection system for the rail road industry.

The ABC's of Fall Protection

Learn the basics of fall arrest safety.


Inspection and Donning a Safety Harness

Learn how to properly inspect and don a safety harness.

Tether Track Overhead Rigid Fall Arrest Systems

Overview of the Tether Track rigid fall protection systems: Ceiling, Bridge-XY, Fold Away, Monorail, Single Pole, and Swing Arm.

Ceiling Mounted Fall Arrest for Bus Maintenance

This rigid fall protection system was the ideal choice for this bus maintenance facility. The system features a dual track rigid design so workers can pass by each other while still connected to the lifelines.


Free Standing Fall Arrest System

All systems are designed by qualified engineers to meet the OSHA 1926 Subpart M construction standard, as well as the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection code.

Overhead Bridge Fall Arrest System

With a bridge fall protection system workers can move in both X and Y directions providing complete worker freedom and safety.

Fold Away Rigid Lifeline System

The concept of this system is simple: Deploy it when you need it, and fold it back when you’re done, maintain worker safety without compromising production.


Lad-Saf Detachable Cable Sleeve

Detachable cable sleeve ladder system to prevent workers from falling while climbing ladders.

Rooftop Counterweight Anchor

Overview of the 3M | DBI-SALA rooftop counterweight anchor fall protection system.

Lad-Saf Flexible Cable Ladder Safety System Instructions

Flexible Cable fixed ladder fall protection system instructions.


Turnkey Roof Fall Protection Equipment Installation

Overview of a roof fall arrest system and roof access system.

DBI-SALA UniRail Rooftop Fall Protection

Overview of how EFP installed this DBI-SALA UniRail fall protection system on a standing seam roof.

Engineered Fall Protection serves clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.

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