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Hazmat material is defined as a radioactive, flammable, explosive, or poisonous material that would be a danger to life or to the environment if released without necessary precautions being taken.

If you are a Hazmat employer and you have employees in connection with transporting or handling hazardous materials in daily commerce, you should be aware of the nine classes of hazardous materials.

SES provides solutions to handle Hazmat spills, containment and detection.

There are nine classes of hazardous materials

Hazard Class 1: Explosives 1.1 mass explosion hazard
1.2 projectile hazard
1.3 minor blast/projectile/fire
1.4 minor blast
1.5 insensitive explosives
1.6 very insensitive explosives
Hazard Class 2: Compressed Gases 2.1 flammable gases 
2.2 non flammable compressed
2.3 poisonous
Hazard Class 3: Flammable Liquids Flammable (flash point below 141°)
Combustible (flash point 141°-200°
Hazard Class 4: Flammable Solids 4.1 flammable solids
4.2 spontaneously combustible
4.3 dangerous when wet
Hazard Class 5: Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides 5.1 Oxidizer
5.2 Organic Peroxide
Hazard Class 6: Toxic Materials 6.1 Material that is poisonous
6.2 Infectious Agents
Hazard Class 7: Radioactive Material Radioactive I
Radioactive II
Radioactive III
Hazard Class 8: Corrosive Material Destruction of the human skin
Corrode steel at a rate of 0.25 inches per year
Hazard Class 9: Miscellaneous A material that presents a hazard during shipment but does not meet the definition of the other classes

See the below link from the US Department of Transportation to get more definitions on Hazardous Materials

See the below link for how to comply with hazardous material regulations

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