Safety Platforms, Gangways, Industrial Guardrails, and Work Platforms

Engineered Fall Protection's product line includes a complete selection of industry-leading safety solutions including gangways, industrial guardrails, large tank truck and railcar loading systems, stationary platforms, portable platforms, forklift platforms, and caged ladders. With OSHA trained and competent people on call, let us help you with your fall protection needs.

Portable Fall Protection Platform

This self-supporting unit provides portable access with a safety cage designed for applications that do not allow the ability to use permanent truck loading platforms.

Engineered Platform Pedestal

Provides permanent safe access and fall protection to the tops of single-dome tank / bulk trucks, tank cars and hopper cars.

Flat Ramp Gangway

Designed specifically for facilities and applications that require accessing the top of a vehicle. Most often used to access the top of Tank Trucks and/or Rail Cars.

Self-Leveling Stair Gangway

Self-Leveling design is for applications where the required range exceeds angles greater than 15 degrees above or below the working platform height.

Truck Loading Rack

Access platforms for tank truck applications.

Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail

SAF-T Rail warehouse barrier rails are designed to protect conveyors, structural platforms, in-plant offices, water mains, valuable equipment and personnel.

Industrial Safety Railing

When looking for sturdy handrails to protect personnel from high traffic aisle ways, mezzanine fall hazards and dangerous equipment areas, SAF-T-GARD is a great choice.

Forklift Work Platform

This platform allows users to easily slide lift forks into basket for and raise it to allow the operator to work from heights.

Engineered Fall Protection sell, installs and inspects safety platforms, gangways, guardrail and access systems; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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