Roof Fall Protection Lifeline – Roofsafe Rail and Anchors


Roofsafe Anchor Systems

The Roofsafe Anchor systems can be engineered to provide a horizontal lifeline on multiple styles of roofs. As roofing material gets lighter and lighters, the Roofsafe Anchor allows customers to benefit from the modern designs. With custom mounting options, Roofsafe Anchors are minimally intrusive, while still providing structural integrity and support.

Roofsafe Rail Systems

This is a direct to roof rail system that is ideal for applications that require changes in direction and roof slopes. These systems are ideal for routine roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, and roof inspections. This type of systems has some benefits over your traditional wire rope lifelines:

  • No fear of cable fretting
  • No need to check cable tension
  • Completely rigid, no cable slack or deflection in the event of a fall
  • Continuous system, no intermediate anchors

Roofsafe Low Profile Jet Bridge Fall Protection

Roofsafe low profile rail systems are ideal for applications where a jet bridge is involved. The unique low profile design allows the jet bridge to expand and contract with no need to remove the system. The aluminum extruded rail blends in with the jet bridge for an aesthetically pleasing look. The rail shuttle glides smoothly on the rail system allowing protection for up to three users.

Roofsafe Anchor Systems Features:

  • The RoofSafe Anchor is multi-directional and can activate and absorb energy no matter which orientation the load is applied
  • The unique energy absorbing system cuts the overturning movement on the bolts by half. This reduces the number of roof penetrations, saving time and money during installations.
  • The RoofSafe Anchors modular design makes it is possible to remove the top module and replace it with a new one should an anchor be deployed
  • The RoofSafe Anchor has been designed so a vertical pull test to 1,125 lbs. (5kN) can be applied without affecting the anchors integrity. This enables annual test and verification of its structural integrity
  • The base plate designs incorporate multiple attachment options to reduce the need of complex engineering, making quick deliveries possible.
  • The RoofSafe Anchor for flat roofing systems has weather proof design to ensure the integrity of the building.
  • The system spans up to 40 ft. between intermediate supports, minimizing roof penetration
  • Electro-polished components provides long-term corrosion resistance.
  • System performance can be calculated using custom design software providing assured levels of safety. The system maintains a minimum safety factor of two for multiple users.
  • Can be used with the Uni8 Evolution Traveler
  • The RoofSafe™ Anchor and Cable System conforms to EN 795, OSHA, AS/NZ, standards and has been tested to both EN795 Class A and C Standards.

Roofsafe Rail Features:

  • The only direct-to-roof rail system that can facilitate changes in direction and roof slopes, ensuring safe roof access where it is needed
  • Allows multiple users to execute more complex maintenance tasks such as suspended rope access work in an efficient matter
  • Even load distribution ensures that even if one user falls, the integrity of the roof system will not be compromised
  • Solid design ensures no deflection or unnecessary loading of anchor points during use, giving the user complete confidence even on roof pitches greater than 15°
  • Four wheel attachment carriage runs effortlessly along the extruded aluminum rail, providing user-friendly ease of use
  • Lightweight modular system comes in 10 foot (3 meter) sections that are easy to transport and handle on site

Roofsafe Low Profile Rail Features:

  • Pre-drilled holes located along the rail make for an easy installation.
  • High capacity shock absorbing lanyard Force2 is a twin leg lanyard design to tie off at an operator's foot level.
  • Includes a high performance shuttle with smooth movement, hands free movement along the rail

Engineered Fall Protection is a certified installer and solutions provider for Roofsafe roof fall protection lifelines; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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