Custom Engineered Horizontal Lifelines

EFP offers fully compliant, custom tailored engineered fall arrest systems and fall protection products. These practical turnkey solutions are designed for different structures, and in all types of industries. Engineered Fall Protection is a certified Capital Safety DBI-SALA Installer, and has in house professional engineers that can analyze your structure and help certify your system. Every permanently installed system is designed for ease of use while offering the highest level of fall protection.


Applications for Engineered Horizontal Lifelines


Custom Engineered Horizontal Lifelines—Product Features

  • For use along crane rail runways, loading bays/docks, machinery, conveyors, rooftops, inside sports arenas, pipe racks, bridges, aviation, convention centers, truck trailers, modular home building, arena rigging, busses / mass transit, exposed walkways, window washing and many industrial applications.
  • Custom Engineered Horizontal Lifelines are designed for easy installation for in-house maintenance personnel under the supervision of a professional.
  • It is very durable; all the components are made of stainless steel and are able to work through harsh conditions.
  • The shuttle connector is uniquely designed and automatically bypassed immediate support without disconnecting from the lifeline. This increases mobility and increases the safety of the user.

With trained, certified installers EFP provides industry-leading installation and training services throughout the life of our products. Our certified installers are internally trained on every system, helping to provide the best solution to ensure worker safety and satisfaction in the most cost effective way possible.

In the design and manufacture of engineered fall protection systems and equipment, DBI-SALA® is the global market leader. Our practical experience and knowledge helps our customers reduce risk and increase safety while working at heights.

Engineered Fall Protection is a distributor for Custom Engineered Horizontal Lifelines; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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