Stronghold Quick-Switch Tool Tether Starter Kit 1, QS1

Manufacturer: Stronghold
Manufacturer part number: QS1
Lead Time: typically ships in 3-5 business days
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Product Specifications
  • Part Number: QS1
  • Weight Rating: 6 lbs. (2.72 kg)
  • Includes:
    • Quick-Switch® Switch (QSS) - can be used with any other product in the Quick-Switch series. Tether comes fully assembled so just attach to a tool and it’s ready for use.
    • Quick-Switch® Wrist Strap (QSWSCNCH) - comes with a dock permanently affixed to the strap. Place hand through the strap and onto the wrist, tighten to a secure fit around your wrist.
    • Quick-Switch® Dock (QSDOCK) - can be installed directly onto a tool belt or leather belt up to 2 inches. Just slide dock to desired position and it’s set for use.
  • Quick-Switch® tool tethers are a revolutionary system that allows workers to safely and securely carry, manage, and use tools effectively at heights.
  • They are designed to keep tools connected at all times and reduce the risk of tools being dropped on people or property below.
  • The mechanical lock provides the flexibility of using multiple tools and the ability to switch the tool’s connection from tool belts to wrists and between hands.
  • Keeps hands free and available for safe gripping while maintaining 100% tie-off.
  • Eliminates injuries to the user as a result of dropped tools and swinging/dangling tethers or retractors.
  • Low profile design and short tether reduces swinging tool and snag hazards.
  • S/S screw gate carabiner to prevent accidental release of tool.
  • Impact, chemical, and corrosion resistant material.
  • Tethers are reinforced with protective tube to prevent accidental damage.
  • Works with current tools and pockets as well as a full system of Quick-Switch® products.
Standards/ApprovalsANSI/ISEA 121-2018