Portable Fall Protection Platform Model PAL-100

The idea of the GREEN portable Platform was to build a safe access and fall protection for the tops of tankers and bulk trucks. The units don't need any co-support and provide safe entrance with fall protection for the applications that don't allow the use of permanently installed platforms or when you don't have a lot of space.

Insta-Rack Pedestal Platform

The fall protection Platform GREENWAY comes standard with a work platform of 2' by 4' long with a grip strut covering for safe, no slip maneuvering on top of the platform. The rubber bumpers are placed specifically to provide no damage contact with the vehicle. Adjustable outriggers make it possible for the application to be used at heights in-between 9' and 13'.

Built with strong a welded steel frame and an aluminum safety cage. A pair of 8 inch swivel casters with brakes and a pair of 8 inch fixed direction casters make it easy to turn and shift directions. Options include: 10 inch foam filled tires are available for use on tough terrain such as gravel, a tow-bar to make it easily moveable around your worksite, and self-closing swing gates on either end of the platform you require.

Advantages of using a GREENLINE Portable Fall Protection Platform

  • Rated to 500 pounds
  • Counterweighted design allows entry without being held up by the vehicle.
  • Easy installation and maneuverability make it a simple and efficient work tool.
  • Made in America

Engineered Fall Protection provides Portable Fall Protection Platforms; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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