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Sala Advanced and Ultra-Lok Aluminum Tripod System

Confined space entry and rescue at a job site demands a reliable and portable system that you can use in a variety of situations. The DBI-SALA product line has a long history dependable products used in rescue operations. The lightweight aluminum tripod always for easy transportability from one site to another. It can be used with multiple devices and has many easy to use features.

  • Products come in 7-9 foot aluminum tripods.
  • One of the many features is a built in pulley system.
  • Designed for easy and quick maneuverability and set up by one user.
  • Aluminum tripod is durable and of high quality.
  • The adjustable locking legs offers additional safety and confidence when mounting a rescue operation.
  • Many fall arrest devices and winches are easily adaptable to these systems.
  • Stainless steel wire rope comes in 60 ft, 90 ft, and 120 ft lengths.
Model No. Description Price
8000000 Advanced Aluminum Tripod Call 314-492-4422
Email for pricing
8300030 Advanced Aluminum Tripod with Salalift II Winch
8301030 Advanced Aluminum Tripod with Sealed-Blok 3-Way SRL
8301041 Advanced Tripod, Salalift II Winch and Sealed-Blok 3-Way SRL
8301066 Ultra-Lok 3-Way Tripod Combo With Winch
8301062 Ultra-Lok 3-Way Tripod Combo

DBI-SALA Advanced 5-Piece Davit Hoist System

The Davit Hoist system is used for flexible and reliable confined space entry and rescue. The DBI-Sala product line has decades long field experience and is trusted by engineers and safety experts. It has multiple features that easily adapts to many job site applications. It is durable, flexible and dependable when it comes to any rescue operation.

  • Adjustable and portable base width from 37 in to 97 in.
  • Adjustable vertical height from 33 in to 43 in.
  • Built with lightweight materials the davit system is easy to maneuver for quick rescue applications in confined spaces.
  • Primary and secondary built-in pulley systems make for effective work rescue operations.
  • The quick mount winch bracket makes for efficient and safe device installation.
  • The Davit base has an easy to use foot level and height adjustment system for those hard and uneven surfaces.
  • This system comes with adjustable offset upper mast that allows for flexibility when overhead clearance issues are present.
Model No. Description Price
8518000 Advanced 5-Piece Davit Hoist System used with 8518002 & 8518005 Call 314-492-4422
Email for pricing
8518040 Advanced 5-Piece Davit Hoist System used with 8518002 & 8518008
8518005 Advanced 3-Piece Portable Davit Base 27-1/2 inch max offset davit mast
8518008 Advanced 3-Piece Portable Davit Base 42-1/2 inch max offset davit mast

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