Single Pole Systems for Fall Protection

Single Pole Tether Track System

Single Pole System for Fall Protection – Product Features

  • Space-saving design allows for installation in areas where there is minimal floor space or limited room for foundations
  • Utilizes only one free standing support with one single foundation
  • Standard track lengths up to 53 feet
  • Systems are designed for workers up to 310 pounds with tools when used with 900 pounds Maximum Arresting Force (MAF) energy absorbing lanyards, properly rated full-body harnesses and a connecting device
  • Track can accommodate single or multiple workers, dual bypassing track allows workers to safely pass each other without disconnecting
  • Units can be finished in stainless steel, galvanized steel, food grad epoxy, or standard baked enamel.

Engineered Fall Protection is a distributor for single pole fall protection systems in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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