Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

In the event of a fall, if a worker remains suspended in their harness for even a short period of time, they may suffer the effects of suspension trauma (also known as Orthostatic Intolerance). According to OSHA suspension trauma can be defined as the development of symptoms such as lightheadedness, palpitations, tremulousness, poor concentration, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, headache, sweating, weakness, and occasionally fainting.

How to Use Suspension Trauma Safety Strap

Relief Strap on Harness STEP 1: Unsnap and pull orange tab to deploy STEP 2: Insert opposite foot into trauma strap loop STEP 3: Adjust length and step up to relieve pressure STEP 4: Use two Relief Steps for optimum support
Trauma Safety Step on Harness STEP 1:  Unsnap and pull orange tab to deploy STEP 2:  Insert opposite foot into loop STEP 3:  Adjust length and step up to relieve pressure STEP 4:  Use two Relief Steps for optimum support

A suspension Trauma Prevention Strap offers a worker who has fallen the ability to stand in their harness, while waiting for rescue. Standing while waiting to be rescued greatly reduces the possibility of suspension trauma by relieving the pressure on the legs.

The system is compact and lightweight and can be quickly and easily attached to most any full body harness. It can also be quickly and easily removed from the harness for inspection of the harness, or to use another harness.

Suspension Trauma Safety Straps
Model Description Price
9501403 DBI-Sala Suspension Trauma Safety Strap, One Pair Call 314-492-4422
Email for pricing
9099X Miller Suspension Trauma Safety Strap
9099/36BULK Miller Suspension Trauma Safety Strap, Box of 36 pairs

Suspension Trauma Safety Strap Features

  • Relieves pressure on the legs to prevent the effects of suspension trauma
  • Increases worker safety after a fall while waiting for rescue
  • Simple and quick installation and removal
  • Simple to deploy, use and adjust
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be used for training, and re-packed by the user
  • Fits most harness brands and styles

Suspension Trauma Applications

Adapted for most harnesses.

  • Fall arrest harnesses
  • Rescue harnesses
  • Rope access harnesses

Suspension Trauma Safety Strap Technical Specifications

  • Webbing- 19mm wide, nylon
  • External fabric- durable 600D nylon
  • Closures- Zipper fasteners
  • Hook- Heat treated alloy steel
  • Overall dimensions- 57mm x 38mm
  • Maximum capacity- 310 pounds (141 kg)
  • Net weight- 91g
  • Fits most harness brands, styles and sizes

Helpful resources

Engineered Fall Protection is a distributor for Suspension Trauma Safety Straps; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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