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Self-Retracting Lifelines limit freefall to two feet or less, lanyards shall be capable of a maximum capacity of 5000 pounds. Shorter activation distance and shorter overall arresting distance greatly reduces the risk of hitting the ground. These units are just a small piece of a personal arrest system. Self-Retracting Lifelines or SRL's are usually used when fall protection is need for a mobile worker.

What is a Fall Arrester?

A Fall Arrester has a self-locking device and a shock absorber integrated into it. These are part of the Personal Arrest Systems and can be used at all types of work places where there is a risk of falling.

These are available with working capacities ranging from 9 feet to 175 feet, self-retracting lifelines should always be used when fall clearance is less than 18-1/2 feet. The Lifeline automatically pays out and retracts as the worker moves.

Why have a Self Retracting Lifeline?

  • SRL's require less than two feet to arrest a free fall
  • This reduces the risk of hitting the ground or any other object at a lower level.
  • Provides a safe and easy rescue if needed
  • SRL's are also used so the lifeline does not get tangled and is easily retracted back.

Self-Retracting Lifeline Components

  • Anchorage Structure:-The anchorage to which the SRL is attached is capable of sustaining weights of 5,000 pounds. When there is more than one personal fall arrest system is attached the strength requirements multiply with it.
  • Body Support: The full body harness must be work when using the Self-Retracting Lifeline. For situations such as ladder climbing, attach the SRL to the front of the harness. The reason for this is it makes the potential free fall very short and you will be able to gain footing real easily.
  • Connecting Device: This is the critical link that connects the body support to the anchor system. The most important is connecting the device to the shock absorber.
  • SRL: Limit free fall to two feet and are capable of sustaining a minimum weight of 5000 pounds.

What is the Typical Fall Distance When Using an SRL

If the unit is mounted directly overhead, a typical fall will be no further than 12-18" before the braking action of the SRL. The maximum arresting distance that Miller and DI Sala will quite is 42". The actual distance an operator can fall will vary based on their attachment point or offset of the system. If the operator is attached at an angle, or is on a wire rope system, the dynamic sag could allow them to fall further than the stated 42".

After a Fall Can I Still Use my Self Retracting Lifeline

When a fall occurs, a visual indicator on the unit will become apparent. If this is the case, the unit will need to be returned to a certified service center and a competent person will need to inspect/repair the unit before it can be put back into service.

All SRL's Meet or Exceed the Following Requirements

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