Miller Full Body Harnesses

  • Miller AirCore Harness
    Miller AirCore Harness

    Aircore Harnesses are designed with open core padding making the product more breathable and the worker cooler and comfortable.

  • Miller Revolution Harness
    Miller Revolution Harness

    The Miller Revolution Harness reinvents harness safety and functionality with features developed to meet key, user-identified needs.

  • Miller Duraflex Python Harness
    Miller Duraflex Python Harness

    The DuraFlex Python Harness features wraparound comfort and is uniquely constructed with three types of performance webbing.

  • Revolution Construction Harness
    Revolution Construction Harness

    This harnesses uses heavy-duty webbing that is almost twice as strong as the standards require, and provides the longest service life possible.

  • Revolution Arc-Rated Harness
    Revolution Arc-Rated Harness

    This Harness Meets Stringent ASTM F887-05 Arc-Flash Standards.

  • Revolution Tower Climbing Harness
    Revolution Tower Climbing Harness

    The Miller Revolution Tower Climbing Harness is specially-designed with a front D ring and suspension loops which provide greater mobility as well as aid in work positioning.

  • Miller Revolution Oil Derrick Harness
    Miller Revolution Oil Derrick Harness

    The Miller Revolution Oil Derrick Harness had custom safety features incorporated for extra strength, durability and added comfort for working on derrick/oil rigs.

  • Miller Revolution Vinyl Coated Harness
    Miller Revolution Vinyl Coated Harness

    Designed for dirty jobs, this vinyl coated harness is ideal to protect against a variety of liquids.

Miller Revolution Harnesses

Based on key, user identified needs, the line of Revolution harnesses was developed to meet and/or exceeds expectations of users well versed in the delicate balance of safety and functionality while working at heights. The Miller Revolution Harness addresses "non-negotiable" key benefits identified by those professionals using fall protection equipment:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Convenient to use
  • Stylish
Model No. Description
9099X Miller Suspension Trauma Safety Strap
552/UYK Miller Non-Stretch Full Body Harness Universal Fit
R10CN-TB/UGN Miller Revolution Construction Harness
R10CN-TB-BDP/UGN Miller Revolution Construction Harness
070068/UBK Miller Revolution Vertical Climbing Harnesses
1014808 Miller Revolution Vertical Climbing Harnesses
1015604 Miller Revolution Vertical Climbing Harnesses

AirCore Harnesses

This lightweight full-body harness has several key features that make it the one of the best harnesses on the market. The integral label pack has built in RFID technology to allow for easy tracking.


  • Unique breathable, open-core padding technology provides optimal airflow and reduces heat and moisture build-up; up to 16% less surface area than other padding used on the market
  • Contoured ergonomic padding design minimizes contact around a worker's neck, lower back and inner thighs to reduce chafing and irritation
  • Patented DuraFlex stretchable webbing provides greater flexibility and mobility


  • Cam buckles provide easy one-hand adjustment; hold webbing firmly in place with no readjusting required
  • Stand-up back D-ring easily adjusts, simplifies attachment
  • Quick-connect buckles for easy donning


  • Materials and components selected to reduce fatigue for all-day endurance and increased productivity; up to 10% lighter than similar competitive harnesses

Miller Duraflex Harness

The Duraflex Harness has 10 standard harness models that can be used for a wide variety of industries. The stretchable webbing allows for maximum comfort and maneuverability, while still maintaining a 6000 pound tensile strength rating. These harnesses are cost competitive, safe, and the flexibility is field proven to increase productivity.

Engineered Fall Protection provides Miller Fall Arrest Harnesses; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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